Our Timisoara

Our talk these days is centered around our next big move. A quick holiday break in Spain and then off to Ireland for the final six months of our adventure.

As we look forward, though, we also look back and think about the storehouse of memories we have accumulated and friends we have met here in Timisoara, Romania.

Last week on our return flight from Italy, Eleanor looked out the airplane window and caught the first glimpse of the lights of Timisoara. “I can’t wait to get home,” she said. Over the course of the last three months, Timisoara has indeed become our home and we will miss our life here.

Unlike some of the other cities we have visited during our stay in eastern Europe (Vienna, Budapest) our Timisoara doesn’t give you a big hug when it first meets you. It doesn’t stand up and announce its beauty and its wit. Our Timisoara doesn’t call attention to itself. It quietly says hello and then walks away, waiting to be discovered. Our Timisoara took a little time to discover, but after we met, and got acquanited, we’ve found a place to call our own.

Here’s a short photo list of our Timisoara.

Sunny afternoon walks in Uniri Square
Wiffle ball games in the park with Rob and Sebastian
Basketball at the University
Atticus and Rob fighting for a rebound
Soviet era highrises
Home schooling
The students in the American Studies program at the University of the West
Placing Sweet Cow stickers in Victory Square
Being together
Wonderful students who give you homemade Romanian dishes
Mike, our friend and the best taxi driver in Timisoara
The Christmas lights in Victory Square


Dear friends, all of whom we will miss when we leave

3 thoughts on “Our Timisoara

  1. Great Photos.
    You will like Ireland, we also visited scotland on a bus trip.The hardest part of the trip was crossing the English Sea on a Ferry boat. Everyone was sick. Makes be wonder how relatives on my fathers side came to USA.
    Anxious for your news.
    Be safe over the holidays. Merry Christmas too!

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