Art, for goodness’ sake

I’m going to begin this post with one of the writerly moves that my kids love to use in their blog posts: the rhetorical question followed by an answer. So, here goes!

Do you like art? I like art.

How much art is in your life? I have quite a lot of art in my life.

What kind of art do you like? I like music, poetry and painting.

This evening, we all went to the Denver Art Museum where one of my son’s paintings, along with a whole bunch of other Denver Public School students’ art work, was exhibited.

The exhibition was held on the first floor of the Hamilton building of the Denver Art Museum. Here’s a very cool photo of the exterior:


Have you ever been to the Denver Art Museum?  I have. In fact, we go there all the time! I think it’s one of the coolest places to go in Denver. It was designed by the famous architect, Daniel Libeskind. Lots of people don’t like the design of the building, including artists, who say that with all the cantered walls and weird angles it’s difficult to display and then enjoy the art. I honor that criticism, but I have to say, I really enjoy the art in the Denver Art Museum and I don’t think the cantered walls and weird angles cut into that enjoyment.

Tonight, I especially enjoyed my time at the Art Museum.

Here are a few of the pieces by the children that caught my eye:

This one, is particularly beautiful:


I love the eyes–look at them. They look so forlorn and dark, and the eyes hovering above the red cheeks. Is that rogue or are her cheeks flushed from a recent argument? What do you think happened to make this person so sad? I hope she’s feeling better now. I think, too, that the composition of the portrait is worth considering. Look at her long and elegant neck–she must be someone important. And what about her asymmetrical haircut? Do you notice, too, how the whole portrait is set around primary shapes like circles and triangles?

There were a lot of sculptures. Here’s one that I really admired:


I don’t know if you can read the caption, but it’s titled “Sushi v. the U.S. Military.” I have to say, I love the tongue in cheek anti-war message. Plus, come on, sushi on a chess board battling tanks and guns– brilliant!

And, (drum roll, please), here’ is my son’s painting.


Here’s his artist’s statement, carrying on the anti-war message:


Here’s my take away from the night: kids are cool, art is cool, kids should do more art and adults should let them.







One thought on “Art, for goodness’ sake

  1. Did I enjoy your blog post on art? Yes, yes I did.
    Congrats to Atticus on his showing at the DAM.
    P.S. I am one of the few who really loves the building and Libeskind’s vision.

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