The Found World

Given that it’s still a little too early to plan in great detail our itinerary for our travels, we often find ourselves talking about how we are going to experience the countries and the cultures that visit. Part of this means paying attention to certain things, and each of is creating lists of the material world that we are going to collect and pay attention to.

The kids are still working things out, but my daughter is pretty adamant about collecting snow globes from all the countries we visit. Sujata and I have gently tried to remind her that, should she do that, she’ll have to carry each snow globe in her backpack, most likely making it difficult, if not impossible for her to shoulder her pack before we even get to Vietnam. That said, I suspect she’ll come home with her fair share of snow globes, a few which will be stowed away in secret compartments.

My son is thinking about taking photos of cranes–not the birds, the machines that lift heavy things. I really like this idea, as I am fascinated with cranes and I love to see them against the Denver skyline. There’s one that’s been at a large construction site in our neighborhood for the past few months and we notice it just about every day.

I think that I am going to collect bracelets (I really like bracelets) and then my larger project is going to be taking photographs of people playing musical instruments. This is, obviously, a larger interest of mine and I’m looking forward to meeting musicians (and maybe even playing with some folks) as we travel.

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