The Original Cosmonauts 2014 CD

The Original Cosmonauts 2014 CD

I play in a band. We call ourselves The Original Cosmonauts. Last year we changed our name from Animal-Mineral-Vegetable to The Original Cosmonauts. Neither of our respective spouses approve of either of those names. Besides myself, the band is made up of Joe Kosowitz and Ben Brewer. Here we are in our studio, well, it’s the studio that Joe has in his basesment.

photo 1

Joe plays guitar and keys and  he is a wizard sound producer. Ben plays drums. I play bass, keyboards and guitar. Joe and I share lyric writing duties. We have been playing together since 2012.

Our families occasionally join us. Last year, Joe’s son helped us on a track called, “Dance, Dance, Dance.” I wrote the song with his son one day while we were practicing. The lyrics came from his son’s journal and he helped us sing the song, too. This past February, my kids helped us on the track, “Fly On.” Here, they are, working hard.

photo 2

Every February, we get together and write 10 original songs or 35 minutes of original music for a thing called the RPM Challenge ( This link will take your to our 2014 CD, “Fly On.”

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